Passing Professionalism: Learning how to be professional online

As students graduate from college and begin to enter the professional world, they still have one “class” that they need to pass. That class is being Professional online. As these graduates start looking for their first full-time “real-world” job, they need to make sure their online presence meets the demanding professional standards that their future employers are looking for.

Here are two great tips that recent graduates should know about, as well as anyone else in/entering the work force who needs help with learning how to create and/or maintain a balanced, professional online presence.

Clean Up Your Social Media

No matter how badly you want to post a selfie from the bar on Instagram or trash talk your ex on Twitter, DO NOT POST IT, really…DON’T. This can be a huge turn off to employers because they will perceive you to be unprofessional which will lead to them not offering you a job. If you really cannot help yourself, many people create ghost accounts or fake accounts like Finstas where they can post more personal content that they don’t want employers to see. In the end I would encourage you to only have your professional accounts and just avoid the possibilities of employers finding your private accounts.

Control Your Content

Creating your own online reputation is important. Think of it as your own brand. Sticking to a consistent color scheme and font style for your content is a great way to come across more professional. Make sure to have a LinkedIn account that employers can look at to show them your experiences. Create your own voice and style to showcase your professional life and stay consistent.

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