How New Media Platforms are Used

If you have ever wondered what how new media platforms are being used by different professionals/mediums, you have come to the right place. This post will focus on showing you ways new media platforms and tools are used by traditional news media, advertising, public relations and broadcasting professionals.

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News Media

Let’s start with News Media. Social media has become one of the main sources for consuming the news. The most used social media platform for news is Facebook, with Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram not far behind. The introduction of these new media sources opened the door for News Media to take hold and become the place where a large percentage of people go first for their news. For more great information on this subject check out the Forbes article “How Social Media Has Changed How We Consume The News”


Advertising has become inseparable from social media. Advertisers saw the advantages of using these apps to their advantage because they are cost effective and make it easy to relate on a personal level with their customers. These advertisers use social media to their advantage by using analytics to create curated content for their target audiences in order to make more money. As Michael Cohn said in his article entitled “The Impact of Social Media on Advertising”, the advertiser needs to go where the customers are, and they are now on social media.

Public Relations

People in Public Relations use social media for many reasons. Some of these include finding influencers, identifying brand threats, influencing journalist’s stories, reacting to negative press, and making announcements. Social media has also helped PR advance in its ability to act more immediately.

Broadcasting Professionals

Broadcasting professionals are taking advantage of the interactivity the social media provides. They are able to interact with their followers all while receiving valuable feedback to help them with their careers.

Overall, there are many ways that different professionals use social media platforms in order to help their careers.

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